Geordie Kaytes

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Geordie's Skills
Product Management

About Geordie

I'm looking for a business partner with strong web development skills to work alongside me in my current venture and others down the road. I follow a strict "no-assholes" rule. The ideal partner would counterbalance my idealism and excitability by being grounded, realistic, and forthright with their opinions. He or she would not be looking for a big exit, but rather seeking to solve real problems and improve people's lives.

Myself, I'm a Boston-based former sales & marketing strategy consultant with experience in the biotech and financial sectors. I've now left the consulting world to pursue a concept in the hiring/recruiting space to improve the way companies find and evaluate great entry-level candidates. The eventual goal is to reduce barriers to interviewing, creating a level playing field for job seekers with non-traditional backgrounds and experiences.

The skills I bring to teams are:
-Market and customer research
-Financial modeling and data analytics
-Pitch/presentation development
-Public speaking
-Basic design sense (I come from a family of artists)
-Poor but rapidly-improving coding skills