George Angelopoulos

Athens, Greece

Founder/CVO Startup@StealthMode.
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Founder/CVO Startup@StealthMode building the... Holy Grail of Gamers! Stay Tuned!

Always I’ve been inspired by innovative and challenging ideas/ projects of Information Technology Sector not only because I grew old from the birth of the Tech Era/ Personal Computing (Proud owner of Atari 2600 & 520 STE) but also of their unlimited boundaries to evolve and transform the Tech oriented World we create and live into.

I’ve been involved as a freelancer/ co-founder/ investor in some innovative, inspirational and challenging IT projects. It has given me a great knowledge of all aspects of IT industry including social media, e-mail marketing campaign, content strategy/digital channels, advertising campaigns/media buying, mobile marketing, games and applications, SEO/SEM strategies and web statistics/ analytics.

Also, as experienced in fulfilling tasks under “all-environment” hard pressure due to my ex-military background (served in Hellenic Special Forces as Commando/ Intel Command Team and in Hellenic Coast Guard as Officer/ Flying Crew - Retired to follow my dream), I've been “engaged” with multicultural teams in many “start-up” environments and always focused on optimizing strategies based upon analysis of metrics in order to achieve “Victory” conditions. All this combined with my strong background as Naval Architect and Commercial/Marketing Director - Co-Owner of an Event Planning & Production company provides me with the versatility to be availed in numerous of contexts emerging in various projects.

Believing in hard tempo, “Out of the Box” thinking and connecting ideas via visionary approach enables me to undertake and finally solve problems in various IT projects (Local and Worldwide oriented) and most recently to become Founder/ CVO of “GGDevz” IT Company based on Athens – Greece in order to launch a Worldwide StartUp building the... Holy Grail of Gamers!

Last but not the least I hold two National patents – diplomas certified by O.B.I./ Hellenic Industrial Property Organization - on olive oil industry.


New Era of Sports are... eSports! - George S. Angelopoulos

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July 2012 - Today

We are currently @Stealth Mode building the Holy Grail of Gamers! Coming soon! ps In My Humble Opinion... Time period has to be applied from the initial conception of the primary idea ;)


National Technical University of Athens.

Naval Architecture

1996 - 2000