George Reinhart

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

About George

I am a classically-trained consumer brand marketer with an international track record of success across a wide range of industries, sectors and audiences. Research savvy; easily transforms numbers into a compelling, relatable story with clear strategy implications. Product development and sourcing experience.

I have a great interest in meeting the needs of seniors with technology solutions. As an example, I think seniors who live alone are at risk of falling, or having a stroke, and not being able to get up and not being discovered for days. Possibly after it is too late. Currently available PERS (personal emergency response systems) are ugly and often not used. Plus, if the wearer was knocked out the device is worthless.

Motion detectors coupled with a I'm-OK button that is set for exception reporting - tells the caregiver when the senior has not shown activity or pressed the button - seems a good solution.

This exception reporting device might be a tabletop cube that is attractive and is unlikely to cause objection.


Certified Aging in Place Specialist