Georgi Mirchev

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Georgi's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Georgi

I am a person who loves programming and I have more than 5 years of experience in it. I have written many Android apps, participated and written many backend solutions by using .NET, NodeJS and Django technologies. I have written more than 80% of the things which serve as the foundation for AppHunt.

I am looking for a person who wants to join me as a co-founder of the AppHunt idea. You can find the working android app here - . I am really looking for people who love the idea and want to help other people. I can't handle managing all the things we have built (we have an active Google Plus community, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page. The app has so many features that I really don't find time to program and do the marketing) so I need a person who is not afraid to write a blog post, talk with people, spread the idea, talk with investors and take risks. All the things I require from the person are things I have already done. I can handle all the programming and be active in the marketing, but I really need a person who has some StartUp experience and knows how to make things successful.

I will be happy to discuss anything you want connected with me or AppHunt! :)

You can get more info about the idea at:


University of Plovdiv

Masters in Software Technologies

2015 - 2015

University of Plovdiv

Bachelor in Informatics

2014 - 2014