Georgia Reash

Milan, Ohio, US

Growth and Improvement Consultant, Sustainable Community Developer, Artist and Minister
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Business Development
Product Management

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-Raised and managed over $36 million in philanthropic, grants and ROI funding for projects that foster community preservation, environmental improvement and humanitarian benefit.
-Created compelling documents of influence for advancing public presence, investor interest, sales, and knowledge reporting
-Produced over 250 grants with an 85% average success rate of funding and/or continuation.
-Directed the largest green footprint municipal grant program in the United States; NOPEC: Powering Our Communities; $16 million in grants, 333 sustainability projects; 10 counties; 162 cities; 12 months.
-Facilitated vision and strategy deployment of collaborating consortia and community system leaders.
-Trained over 1,000 leaders and staff in effective team dynamics, conflict resolution, multigenerational bridging and cultural competence awareness.
-Conduct performance and impact auditing; surveys and business assessments; analyze and author analysis reports and value guided recommendation sessions to executives and board.
-Guide leadership in examining goals for legacy making and succession planning. .
-Since 2004, designed over 7 humanitarian enterprises rooted in ecosystems design and integral theory.
-Research and facilitate innovation partnerships to support business development diversification.
-Global Involvement: Romania, Africa, Haiti, U.S.; Empanelment Member, India Redefined.
-Provide Sustainability Project Management Expertise: community, organizations, citizens

Work Experience

Advisor and Developer

Enterprise Development Consultant

January 2002 - December 2016