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We believe that technology and analytics can be leveraged to bring about profound simplicity that empowers customers. Our company Innowave eVentures Pvt Ltd was shortlisted in Nasscom 10K Startup Phase 3 in 2014.

Our team consists of people who have rich experience in analytics, technology, consulting and sales (everyone on the team is an Engineer from reputed Institutes in India). The founders have worked in well-known companies in India and abroad and have led teams with more than 200 people. They bring with them a passion to solve problems and dare to be different from the others

Our Product, ReconeXt is a Personalization platform that provides faster product discovery, real time style advice and targeted fashion content to apparel shoppers. Thus empowering retailers to engage on a 1-on-1 basis with every shopper

Shoppers are confronted with an endless variety of clothes making it difficult for them to browse through the “clutter”. ReconeXt helps shoppers find clothes that are “most relevant to them” and those that are best suited to their body shapes.

Retailers and brands are struggling
a. to understand the unique preferences of a diverse spread of shoppers with varying buying patterns and body shapes.
b. to provide personalized display of products
c. to market new seasons selectively to each shopper;
In particular, brick and mortar retailers want to marry online strategies of “search” and “personalized recommendations” with their existing offline presence

ReconeXt aims to solve the above problems for Retailers and Brands

At present, we have launched in beta mode, however want to run as fast as we can towards the big bang launch.
So, we are looking for a like-minded co-founder who believes in developing new products, explore new ideas and is passionate about technology.


BIT Mesra, ranchi


1993 - 1993



2005 - 2005


Master Black Belt in Six Sigma