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Founder and Researcher, Department manager and producer for events, film, music.'s Skills
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Founded 2+ startups


Update March 28, 2020
I am adding a new business model to my project. Now that everybody has to stay inside, the online entertainment market just got a super boost. This means they need tools and content and that what my B2B magazine does. but... they need a reason to choose one publication .... and that is where this new business model kicks in... It can also be applied to other kinds of publications.

Working on a mobile app version as well. Currently using a drag and drop system to build a prototype.


I work in arts, media, entertainment and publishing where every project is a startup. I am passionate about helping people with useful information that's not boring. My work has taken me around the world to work with interesting people who think differently.

From billionaire music promoters and tech heads to homeless street buskers. They all need the same 3 things: cash, coworkers and contacts. I developed GigsList to give them the information to get it.

I seek a cofounder/business partner to develop the business end and fund expansion. I am not cookie cutter:)

My name is Deborah


"Want to fix the tech industry? Start with the humanities." - Eric Schatzberg, Washington Post

Work Experience

Founder and Researcher

October 2017 - Today

Entertainment business publisher with book shop, magazine, ezine and multiple incomes. Backend analytics of recent changes in market and publishing industry. audiences are broad niche. Arts, media, entertainment professionals, businesses, non profits, decision makers, roadies, students and interns. web site viewers are 60% USA and 62% mobile device. People who work in film, music, TV, radio, theatre, concerts, festivals and games. Currently positioning for expansion.

Arts Historian and Publisher

Coded History

January 2010 - August 2017

Author and researcher. Tracking symbols and symbology in art to find it is a language that shorthands a lot of information. A picture tells a thousand words, a symbol tells epics. The symbols are remembered in all kinds of art, imagery, poetry, theatre and literature. By tracking their origins real people become a lot more interesting than winged beings with superpowers.

Arts and Events Project Management


December 2005 - Today

Consult and project manage departments at different stages of fruition. From idea to release. Documentaries, cabaret, concerts and festivals, books, AR experiences, VIP events, magazines and fashion. My varied work adventures help identify knock on effects to prevent problems. The warm fuzzy is collaborating to create something out of nothing.


On the Job

Administration, production, promotion of arts, entertainment and media.

2000 - 2004