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Milan, Italy

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In 2004, the beginning of "my adventure" in the fashion world began. From that moment,I have done this under a completely different aspect. Taking into consideration every relevant component in the Hermès world and also what it represents for who has worked or still works in it, it is important for me to underline how this brand ca be called "a world" by itself.
A "wolrd" full of inspirations, culture and poetry. Working and collaborating for this brand, which was founded in 1837 and understanding the everlasting exclusivity and uniqueness, I have acquired a way of working which I haven't lost. It is made of precision, respect and maximum professionalism.
All of this has helped me to manage my companies and also putting in first place human relationships with my close partners and coworkers.

Here are the values which are the foundations of my being entrepreneur. My research of a business that is always etichal and that follows the dynamics of the fashion world-form luxury to fast fashion. It has followed with success and also renovating itself keeping in mind the needs and the tastes of the ne market.

It is a strategy -or we can say- a thought still not well assimilated by the Italian entrepreneurs. It stars with work of analysis that is focused on the predictions of trend in the new markets. Evaluting attentively ths situation of my company G&L SRL, I have ascertained its consolidation in the years and I have begun to build the foundations to trasform this dream into reality. To reach this goal, I have created a team for experts in nutrition, gastronomy, flatware, design and ethical communication. The result is a series of cutlery bionomiche "Nectaria" , It is a product of the brands Scappi's.
My goal is to identify and creare business relationships with business partners, business angels and local Distributores in USA, UK, Canada and North Europe.
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Scappi's srl

June 2014 - Today

In May 2013 I partecipated to the Italian Mongolian Business Council: a journey to Ulan Bator organised with the aim of bringing Italian and Mongolian businesses closer together. During my travels outside Italy I realised that wherever I go in the world people are constantly on the lookout for the italian unique products and produce. At the same time, when travelling through Italy myself, I noticed how the high quality of Italian products is not fully appreciated, which places limits on those who wish to encourage an optimisation of Italy’s great wealth of culture and culinary traditions. Based on this analysis he developed the idea of creating new cultural and business models to facilitate the exportation of our products in the best way possible. And this is how the international project Scappi’s This experts in organic food, cuisine, cutlery, design and ethical communication. The result of their work is the "Nectaria " project; bionomic cutlery created to promote human well-being based on the positive natural laws of the life cycle.


G&L srl

August 2011 - Today

In December 2011, my career reached a major turning point. In one of the toughest moments for the world’s economy I choose to swim against the tide, unlike the growing number of businessmen who have decided to slow down or put a stop to their investments. Relying on my wide and varied experience, and despite my youth, I opened Tally-Weijl, a women's clothing store in the Fast Fashion sector.

Back Office

Boutique Hermès

December 2004 - July 2011

As the year drew to a close I've start out on yet another stage of my professional career. Still only 24 years old, I came into contact with the boutique Hermès Varese. It was one of the most stimulating adventures of my career, as during my time at Hermès I acquired a top level, rigorous, and exclusive professional vision based on the famous motto "innovation in the continuity of tradition”. My experience at the prestigious fashion maison took me several times to Les Ateliers Hermès in Pantin (France). In July 2011, I was put in charge of back office activities and public relations for Hermès Paris and Milan.



Diploma of Electrical Worker

1996 - 2000