girish vyas

Business Development

Mumbai, India


About girish

Entrepreneurship & doing all what i can in growing an enterprise are my passion. I have first-hand experience of working inside a growing young enterprise - an export oriented manufacturing organisation at the top management level (COO & Sales/Marketing Head) alongside the Founder/CEO. I have seen the organisation receiving Term loan & Working capital funding from the bank, growing from a small trading firm to a medium scale unit and later going into deep financial troubles due to very high debt & bad financial management. I have worked towards taking the enterprise from 7 employees to around 200 employees + contractors, and doubling the turnover from Rs.8Cr to Rs.16Cr, both within 1.5 years. My total corporate experience of 12 years spans across diverse industries including IT, Manufacturing & Real Estate in India & 5 years in the UK.

I am interested in any business which is possible for me to understand, has high growth potential & can generate large employment - be in Services, Manufacturing, tech/non-tech, Retail, etc.

Ideal co-founder would have experience and skills complementary to mine - I can take care of sales, finance, HR , general management functions and co-founder can be the technically experienced person if a tech business and for non-tech business, someone from within the industry having the requisite industry knowledge.