GJ Rodriguez

San Jose, California, US

GJ's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About GJ

I'm looking for someone who has passion for changing the status quo media , and well familiar with the way the structure of the technicalities surrounding affiliate relationships and end user development features. I am very dedicated to my current works and very interested in displacing the current media standards. I have been working on a magnum opus of digital media products that puts the controls of media into the hands of users, businesses, and groups in new ways that offer value to the end end user and exposure for artists and businesses. I study old systems and merge them with technology to uncover opportunity . My goals in life is to change the world one day and learn many new things every day. I wish to completely turn around rigid broken systems that affect many people and let those people affected have a say so in reconstructing new systems. I address serious issues with art, sarcastic humor , history and science. I believe artists should make media , not 'media companies' and this essentially the task I have been taking on for the past 3 years. I dedicate my entire time , thoughts, and priority to my work and wish to seek a co-founder who is technical and is as passionate about changing the status quo as I am. I believe once media changes hands, the rest is cake-walk. I have designed about 15 media products to do this. I need a technical side by my side.