New York, New York, US

gl463's Skills
Product Management

About gl463

I have worked alongside some of the world's largest Venture Capital firms as an Associate and was a Director for a Content Curation Company that is rapidly growing. I am currently working on an fixing an exciting problem in the paid meeting space and am looking to bring on a technical co-founder who has extensive experience with back end development and building out scalable applications.

Preferable experience includes:
- Ruby on Rails
- Moderate Front End Experience (HTML/CSS/JS)
- Git for Source Control

Other pluses:
-Degree in Computer Science (helpful but not required)
-Startup experience
-Contributions to open source projects

We are in the process of applying to accelerator programs and have a high likelihood of acceptance due to a multitude of factors, including the fact that one of our founders ran a well known NYC Accelerator Program.