Gleb Rybkin

San Francisco, California, US

UIUC/Stanford CS, software architect, sailor/skipper.
Gleb's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Gleb

I run a software development company in Silicon Valley, with a vision to establish a different platform for creating innovative software products.

We are building a portfolio of early stage startup companies that need engineering work – a website, MVP, mobile app, API, blockchain, or the first version of their online platform.

Many companies fall in the trap of either outsourcing their software projects or hiring local engineers at exorbitant prices. Both approaches often result in the same outcome - no working product with a lot of resources already wasted.

Another approach, often used by tech startups, is to lure good software engineers at a low or no salary option and promises of riches through stock. This works somewhat at the beginning of the project, and can produce a good MVP, but creates many pitfalls in the development process, and any subsequent modification of the product becomes very expensive and time consuming, especially if the engineer leaves the company.

Our approach is to combine both worlds. We work with recruiters in several countries, as well as a network of engineers in the US and can significantly accelerate development. Instead of outsourcing, we hire remote engineers - when it makes sense - and organize their development locally.

Hello World can get paid once the company gets funding. We are interested in the final product just as much as you are!

Work Experience

Software Solutions Architect

Hello World

May 2016 - Today

Software consulting, startup projects, MVP, prototypes, building and leading development teams. - Solr cluster (>90 nodes) analysis, debugging and optimization - Python and Java version of a networking prototype used as a demo for a conference. - Exchange connector to a custom workflow server backend (Microsoft Exchange 2007 2010, .NET, Linux, Python) - Full stack architecture, design and implementation of the alpha version of company’s backend service (Linux, Python, Django, SaaS, AWS, S3). System administration and IT. - Lucene search engine connector for a retail data analytics server (Java, Lucene, Solr, Linux) - Optimized and enhanced a data mining algorithm to extract shopping patterns. Changed a database merge script to run in parallel on multiple processors that reduced the run time by half. Worked on search engine indexing and query optimization. (Linux, Lucene, Java, Perl) HiAiM - Prototype for a peer-to-peer audio/video communication and recording tool. (Java, Action Script, Flex, MySQL, Adobe FMS, Red5, Python)


Stanford University

Computer Science

2000 - 2000

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Computer Science

1999 - 1999