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Glenn Leaver

Technical, User Experience, Design

Penticton, Canada


Startup Experience

First time founder

Age Group


About Glenn

Persistent--even obsessive--in my goal of creating a practical "backyard flyer". Now have a successful, patented design. Unfortunately, increasing family commitments, combined with a serious health problem presents an overwhelming challenge. For the past year or so, and for the immediate future, I have been unable to move the Lift-JET project forward. I need a co-founder capable of operating an effective crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of a full-scale prototype. Compensation: 25% equity.


The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. - Albert Einstien


Founder & CEO, Aeromancer Flight Design, Inc. Inventor of "Lift-JET" Patented Safety Flyer

Work Experience

CEO, Founder

Aeromancer Flight Design Inc

January 2000 - January 0

Conceptualize a personal flying vehicle that is safe, very easy to operate, and is perceived as being safe. Build and test-fly scale models, providing empirical data showing efficacy of the design in three phases of flight- (1)-vtol and hovering flight (2) forward powered flight and gliding (3) unpowered vertical descents (parachute-type descents). Also, acquire patent on same, apply for trademark, start website, seek co-founders and/or investors.


(1) Confederation College, Thunder Bay. (2) University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

(1) Aviation Management Technology (2) Communication Studies (not completed)

1974 - 1979


Private Pilot License (inactive) Ultralight Aircraft Instructors Rating (inactive)

Dept. of Transport


Summerland Mentoring