GM Briggs

New York, New York, US

GM's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About GM

I am creating map-based apps. I am creating content for the first app, which is targeting an unserved--not underserved--community. I am interested in working with a developer who is familiar with mobile app development, particularly map-based mobile apps (I am using Mapbox). I have other map-based app ideas I would like to explore.

I also have a background in tax law and see a lot of possibility in disrupting the moribund tax research industry, a dinosaur industry that feeds off of substantial subscription income. This is an area of publishing that has been ignored by today's tech startups. I think there are rich possibilities here, particularly since the legacy companies are top heavy and have not made appropriate investments to upgrade their products and platforms. I know this area well, as I worked on the editorial side of one of the biggest players in this field.