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I am developing a technology that facilitates the social production of new music by artists. It does this by integrating artists and fans into an online competitive and collaborative framework, in effect gamifying the music production process. This technology can and will be applied to any genre of music. The competitive framework can create online elimination tournaments where individual brackets are configured across geographic regions. They can place artists in one state in direct competition with artists in others, artists in one nation in direct competition with artists in others. I am talking about a truly global vision here. Prospective founders will have an opportunity to review the funding presentation and a product demo.

The initial version of the technology focuses on the web. It incorporates Adobe Flash based technology at its core. People who really understand the web technology landscape know that the long-term prospects for Flash are dismal at best. I want to use this moment as an opportunity to add additional co-founders to the team and extend into the mobile space immediately. Mobile provides us a solid foundation to make good on our technological vision and its extensibility.

The first co-founder I am looking for must be well versed in developing mobile applications that are performant, beautiful, and well-designed with simple user experiences. Initially they will work in conjunction with me to build out a mobile presence on both Android and iOS platforms. Together we will bootstrap off of the web presence I have built as I work to upgrade the software architecture on the backend. These upgrades should help ensure our ability to scale on day one! After we achieve parity with the current web implementation, this co-founder will be primarily responsible for future mobile development efforts. We will focus on building out a robust and innovative mobile feature set. Ideally this individual will have ample experience with the tools and techniques of digital audio production.

The second co-founder I am looking for will fulfill the role of business developer. Initially they will assume the responsibility of augmenting and refining the business plan. They will need to be capable of, but not limited to, creating in-depth analyses of the numerous business cases, strategic planning and execution around sales and marketing, and leading the search for funding. Ideally this individual will be experienced with the ins and outs of the music industry and will have lead successful funding rounds in prior ventures.

At the end of the day we are focused on making money from day one. I am really looking forward to sharing my case for why you will want to be a part of this. Let’s get the dialogue started!


Carnegie Mellon University

BS Computer Engineering, Minor in Computer Science, Minor in BioMedical Health Engineering

2005 - 2005