Gokhan Cagrici

San Jose, California, US

Gokhan's Skills
Product Management

About Gokhan

Well, I do not want to give a lot of details but assume that you are bored and you have this "I am Bored!" mobile app. It will ask you simple questions and in return will give you suggestions. These suggestions are going to come from a big data engine that will use your location, facebook contacts, some public rest APIs of public services, and so on. It will be very simple at the GUI level and whole complexity will be at the server level.

I am a passionate and highly-experienced engineer. What I need is a very solid marketer to work together on this challenging but very promising idea. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile to see how serious I am and let me check your LinkedIn profile, too. This project will need huge effort but will be very rewarding if the right path is followed.