Gonzalo Van Velasco

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

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About Gonzalo

I am currently looking for a programmer/developer that would be interested in partnering up in order to launch an online platform.
The project is based in Amsterdam and will start functioning as soon as the product is developed. The aim of the startup is to use Amsterdam as a beginning point as it conveys all necessary elements to introduce the concept and extend it to its end international goal.

Currently the project is at its startup phase, the business plan is developed, as well as a concept testing via social media with 1k followers and continuous positive feedback, a visual example of the prototype which soon will be uploaded to the already bought domain, as well as some internship applications which could also be used in the programming team. The project is also uploaded to angellist with internship application offers as well as using it as a possible funding tool.

At the moment the startup is in need of a developer/programmer and funding.

Please don't hesitate in contacting for more info.


I've got a strategic plan, it's called: ┬┤┬┤doing things`` - Herb Kelleher

Work Experience

Presindetn Events Comitee

The Student Hotel

September 2015 - January 2016

Worked in concept testing and customer introduction as well as managing various aspects of event organization.


The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Communication and Business Management

2013 - 2016