Bangkok, Thailand

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About Good

I have 10 years solid experience in the IT industry working in many areas namely consulting, business development, strategy and marketing. I am looking for a technical co-founder who can help to execute my business idea involving the consumer services in Thailand. My passion is to help Thai people save money.

I am looking for an experienced technical co-founder (CTO) who can handle all of the technology side of things so I can go and focus on other tasks. I am looking for someone with the follow quality:-

Tech savvy - lives and breathes technology and always up to date with the latest technology. Have technical vision.
Passion - do what it takes attitude.
Focus - need someone who can input at least 20 hours a week.
Great Coder - as this is very important to control the dev team in the future.
Management - able to manage the engineering and development teams.
Vision - understand the direction we want to be heading to.