Göran Svensson

Stockholm, Sweden

Super hero developer @appernetic.io and Coffee drinker.
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About Göran

I’m a co-founder, startup engineer, micropreneur and philosopher currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, sailing and programming. I’m also interested in floorball, skiing, science and innovation.

I co-founded a computer reseller company back in 1991 and a hosting company in 1995 and built a lot of websites and also worked with several startups around 2000. After that, I built a content management system, an artisan brokering marketplace, a mobile JavaEE game e-commerce site, different membership sites, an iPhone app to record phone conversations and a service to forecast the Swedish OMX stock market.

Then I thought it would be easy to build a SaaS for static websites so to live my micropreneural pipe dream I built https://appernetic.io and are currently improving and marketing the service, which is anything but easy.


Where the head goes, the body follows. Perception precedes action. Right action follows the right perspective . - Ryan Holiday

Work Experience

Co-founder and CTO


August 1994 - April 1998

I started a hosting company and web agency with two friends. We did everything from hosting websites, email, domain name registration services, DNS management, selling modem and ISDN connections to consulting, network installations, computer support, designing websites, building content management systems, Intranets, e-commerce, dating sites and hotel guides.

Network Engineer

SafePay AB

December 1999 - April 2001

I worked with everything from rack server installations, email, web servers, firewalls, backup, routers and networks , customer support, small enterprise consulting to installations of media kiosks.

Network Engineer

Urlando AB

April 2001 - June 2001

I worked with everything from rack server installations, email, web servers, firewalls, backup, routers and networks , customer and staff support.

Software Developer

Ekenet AB

July 2001 - February 2006

I developed marketplaces, customer websites, e-commerce solutions and IVA applications.

Software Developer

VoxWay AB

March 2006 - December 2006

I developed IVA applications in voicexml, managed daily operations of services such as networks, routers, firewalls, backup.



January 2007 - January 2011

We built a C2C marketplace in Java and ColdFusion.


Molnfront System Development

March 2011 - January 2014

Built websites, iPhone apps and services for customers based on different cloud services and API's such as a recording app for iPhone, a forecasting service for the Swedish OMX stock market, a marketplace site, an Instagram app for music, a search engine for the Swedish Employment Services Job and Development program.


MolnSys Kommanditbolag

March 2015 - Today

I have developed a SaaS system for creating and managing static websites (https://appernetic.io) and also continued development of the forecasting service app. I have also built an HTML5 quiz game.