Gordon Loi

San Francisco, California, US

Analytical thinking, entrepreneur , people's person, networking, philanthropist
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About Gordon

I am an high achiever with big dreams and wonderful ideas on how to make this world a better place. Working hard to achieve those goals so that all living beings can benefit from our combined effort.

Serial entrepreneur looking for partners to work together with on some great ideas.

Currently working on developing a game changer in the fastest growing industry in California, Cannabis.


Aim high, go for it, and never give up - Unknown

Work Experience

Co-Founder and CEO

Empire Capital Investments

October 2014 - September 2017

Privately owned real estate company investing in the San Francisco Bay Area. We invest mainly in SFR (Single Family Residential) homes and multi-units complexes. Company is still in existence however not currently active as all focus has shifted towards my new startup.

CEO and Founder

Vitae Glass

April 2017 - Today

In early development stages to make a line of modular glass bongs for the cannabis industry, the fastest growing market in CA. The product will change the way users clean, transport and buy their product. Since it is modular, each piece can finally be cleaned individually instead of trying to clean a large glass piece which is prone to breaking. When taken apart, it becomes more compact than standard bongs, so you will have the increased ease of transportability, you can finally fit this in your backpack. Each piece will be interchangeable , thus the customer will finally have the freedom to build their own unique bong, based on their own preferences and taste.


College of Business - San Francisco State University

Business Management

2010 - 2014