Govinda Dasu

Stanford, California, US

Govinda's Skills

About Govinda

I'm looking for a Co-Founder & CTO of Learning Dollars who is a Developer by profession and has a great passion for bridging English Language Learning, OpenCourseWare, and Jobs. My co-founder should be in tune with our mission to be an education pipeline out of poverty (in the highly accessible form of an app). Over the next five years, literally billions of people will buy inexpensive android phones, accessing the internet for the first time in their life. It's the time to tap this market.

I graduated from Stanford CS (Bachelors of Science) two years early because I wanted to build Learning Dollars. I truly believe education and job opportunities can be delivered to people through smartphones. My co-founder should be just as passionate about this cause.

Good Things to Have:
- a technical degree from a 4 year university
- a couple years of work experience
Our Stack:
- Django (Python)
- jQuery Mobile (jQuery/Javascript) ... we might decide to go native though
- PhoneGap (iOS/Android)
- AWS deploys (preferably Elastic Beanstalk)
- good at and enjoys writing tests (Django unit tests, Javascript unit tests, Selenium, Appium)
- excellent knowledge of english grammar (even better: knowing how to diagram sentences)
- loves to build quality products - invests time, thought, and care into them

Some details of Learning Dollars are at and I can share plenty more in a conversation -- i.e. technology details, who's on our team right now and the story behind this project, monetization, and what we need funding for.
My co-founder and I will work together on the beginnings of v1.2 to assess whether we work well together (for a couple hours in the evening), while site and app advertising is still going on. Once we have sufficient website visits and app downloads to gather quality user data, my co-founder and I will apply to top incubators and/or investment firms and then the co-founder will have a salary and can join in full-time.