Graeme Lewis [LION]

London, United Kingdom

Graeme's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Graeme

Graeme spent some years working in African Mobile Operators where his love grew for finding simple solutions for difficult problems. He led the implementation team for MTN Mobile Money in 2001 with four big banks and a Mobile Operator – it was the first mobile payment system in Africa. He is now based in London at the centre of the Fintech industry. He is currently working on rolling out a Mobile Payment Platform as a Service, with a London Bank, an international Forex partner and a Nigerian Money Service business. Aside from true Mobile Payments his passions lie in building a compliant Settlement Platform for Domestic and International Payments.

Graeme is looking for an active partner whom he can work along with in finding new clients and customers. The business will need to raise capital to fund the Floats, which are to be used to buffer the delays in the core bank systems and enable instant settlement for the customers and merchants using the smrtcash Wallet.