Graeme Roebuck

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Graeme's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Graeme

Company is ready to grow fast with being Scotlands ONLY app and site where brides can create a guestlist, seating plan, budget planner, search a directory, chat on a forum and there's even a VIP special offer section too! App has gone live recently with over 2000 downloads so far. It's a free app and we make our money being charging wedding suppliers to be listed on our directory. We can also use push messages to promote our blogs and new features which saves us from boosting posts on facebook all the time. We are looking for a co-founder to join with about £8000 to fund phase 1 of our marketing strategy to boost our reach to brides. Projected to turnover £2000 each month to start with. At the moment costs of running the business are extremely low but does need a good marketing push where the £8000 will come in to fund our social media reach and adverts for downloads of our app. Customer acquisition cost at the moment is just £0.48 . This app needs investment to grow fast in order to fully take advantage of our USP before others join the market. We are currently part of RBS's Entrepreneurial Spark program with free office space, free printing, free wifi and free legal and accounting services. Come join this lean enterprise that is ready to scale fast.