Graham Doggart

Plymouth, United Kingdom

Graham's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Graham

I have been working in digital marketing for 18 years and my clients made £13.9 million in 2015 from our agency campaigns. It is time to start making that sort of money by having a share in exciting product offerings!

I several projects to get off the ground, all at the pre-product stage.

Utilising the experience we have in certain sectors building manual campaigns we are developing industry-specific customer journey systems (think sales and marketing semi-automation across the full customer life cycle) for automotive, real estate, legal, financial and private medical industries. Once these are up and running we will add many more industries that have a typically lower service/retail transaction value.

A second project is Entrepreneur Unlimited - an all-you-can-eat resource (like a Netflix for entrepreneurs but with a lot more supporting documentation and templates) with a low paid
subscription. A definite gap in the market between free content that ends up basically being an advert for more expensive services, and the midrange of coaching or training course material which has one of the largest awareness to sales drop off ratios of any industry.

We are looking for investor backing for both projects and we are offering equity in our 6 figure agency as part of the deal. We are also open to developers that would like to get involved that have the right investor connections to help get us moving.

Let me know if we can work together.