Graham McDowell DHP HPD

Exeter, United Kingdom

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Business Development
Product Management

About Graham

I’m Graham McDowell DHP HPD and I specialise in alleviating a wide range of mental health issues. I have an integrative private practice in Devon which includes Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness Meditation. To see what I do in my day job please visit

I am however now looking for the right person or people to help me create MIND MONKEY which will be
“The Complete Solution For Measuring, Monitoring & Maximising Mental Well-Being!”

‘Mind Monkey’ will be a unique automated service which can measure the ‘Mental Wellbeing’ of an entire organisation, yet deliver tailored solutions at an individual level to help create a happier, healthier workforce, faster and more efficiently.
Mind Monkey will consist of a website and App designed for iOS, iPad, Android and tablets. It will be a fun, interactive, stand-alone service incorporating all of the methodology that I currently employ and will, as far as technology allows, replicate the process of working directly with a professional therapist or coach.

I have reached the stage where I am talking to both potential investors and agencies however the scale and potential of the project is such that I would rather find specialists to partner with. If you are a specialist in creating beautifully designed complex Apps and websites or have a proven track record in launching and building successful tech businesses in both B2B and B2C let me know. I would be interested in either direct investment or sweat for equity.

To give you a feel for what I'm looking to create please visit If you could create something that looks and works as well or have the ability to help launch and build a similar business I would love to hear from you as I can provide the concept and content to create a multi million pound business that could truly transform the lives of tens of thousands of people.