Grant du Toit

Cape Town, South Africa

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About Grant

I'm an electronics engineer by qualification. The bulk of my experience is currently in oil and gas and was previously in IT running workshops and field work.

I am currently managing subsea operations through the use of subsea robots we know as ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). These require a great deal of technical skills in electronics, electrical, mechanical, hydraulics and some pneumatic skills. I'm a senior member of the team (superintendent).

My family has grown with my wife and I having to children. Being abroad is tough now and I want to be home more. I've always enjoyed the outdoors and this along with my drive to be more home bound has raised two fields of interest.

The first field is in innovations especially those that benefit both the environment and people. I've lived close to and worked on the oceans most of my life and it's well-being is an interest. I've been looking into various robotic cleaning devices that have a broad functional spectrum other than merely cleaning. I've done a fair amount of research and looking to build a proof of concept in stages.

My second interest is renewable energy through micro-grids. In many countries, both first and third world, the infrastructure has taken a toll and under pressure leaving you and me to foot the bill and suffer the inconvenience at times. Much of the technology exists and subject to the requirements and environmental factors, these can be installed in residential, commercial and other remote locations where there is no or little infrastructure. There are many great up coming companies that I would love to work with and incorporate their technology into these power grids.

In the past I've started two startups. From 2008 to 2010 I established an online travel agency using my resources I gained from eight years in the tourism and travel industry. The business had to be closed down as I ran out of funds due to the global recession around the time.

The second was a designated driver company from 2011 to 2014. The business had a great deal of potential. I closed it down due to a high level of staff turning over as I couldn't secure the appropriate management to run the business due my working abroad.

Many good lessons came from these ventures. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


I always win, sometimes it just takes longer than other times - Myself

Work Experience

ROV Supervisor / Superintendent

Various Offshore Companies

January 2007 - Today

In a nutshell, I run subsea operations. The work-scope is large and industrial requiring technical skills that include electronic, electric, mechanic, hydraulic and pneumatic along with administration skills such project management, project management, quality assessment, health and safety to mention a few.

Tour Guide / Manager

Various Tourism Companies

January 1999 - January 2007

I gained a great deal of experience as my work required I travel in order to share most of Southern Africa with those who wished to join me. These tours included overland safaris, Garden Tours, Wine Tasting, various adventure tours including management of accommodation venues and adventure companies.

Technician / Manager / Founder

Various Companies

January 1995 - January 1999

Work experience here was mostly in IT and office automation. Most of the work was carried out as a field engineer and the rest was workshop and management. For a brief period of time I established an IT company. The company was funded by a big businessman in the metal industry who withdrew his funding during the early stages as his primary businesses took a knock during a large dip in the price of metal.


Western Province Technical College

Electronics Engieering

1993 - 1994


Electronics Engineer

Western province Technical College