Grant Henderson

San Francisco, California, US

CEO and Founder of RepX
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About Grant

I started out my interest in technology as a hacker. I mean a REAL hacker breaking software and systems to reach an objective. If you're curious, search for "blue box wiki". My mantra was "real hackers never get caught" and I didn't.

I went on to study degrees in Arts, Engineering, IT and Law. I've since worked in industries from startups in Singapore, Australia and USA to big consulting firms like Deloitte. I also have inclination toward extreme sports with nearly 300 skydives, the last being an awesome night jump. It was just like that scene in Iron Man when he falls toward the city - spectacular :)

True to my hacking roots, my passion is trying things that have never been done before.

Work Experience

CEO, CTO, and Founder


May 2015 - December 2016