Grant Rostig

Austin, Texas, US

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My Startup is helping people: Buy It Fast, with better comparative information.

Working on a product search engine with affiliate marketing (chat-bot, shop-bot, personal shopping assistant).

Partial Resume:
C++ Mentoring and Study Group - CppMSG
Conceived and implemented a new way of learning programming languages, in this case, C++. We bring together experienced programmers who want to learn another language at in-person and online events. Mentors who love to share their knowledge answer questions and debate the merits. These in depth discussions benefit everyone attending. Events are actively moderated to keep on topic and moving forward. Grant recruited mentors, prompted and launched the group. Currently providing ongoing leadership and facilitate our meetings.

Cloud Computer Programming, Architect and Database Consultant - Self Employed Contractor Software Architect, Full-Stack Programmer and Dev-Ops

Architected, coded, load-tested and deployed a durable and auto-scaling website on the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure using CloudFormation and Data Pipeline on EC2 and RDS.
◦ Website ( was moved from another web hosting infrastructure to AWS and upgraded to SSL using openSSL tools and Entrust certificates.
◦ Upgraded the existing website code to improve manageability and security. Implemented XSS security protocols. Website is implemented in PHP, JavaScript, Apache, Linux and MySQL. Load tested using ‘siege’, bees with machine guns, and Redline13.
◦ Tracked progress through a detailed project plan which was created in Microsoft Project 2013. Gathered requirements and sold/closed the contract as the sole interface with the customer which is a department of a major governmental entity in central Texas.

Senior Applications Analyst
General Mills
Responsible for maintenance of a data warehouse containing product promotional spending. Responsible for coding HP-UX Unix jobs which call Oracle PL/SQL and SQL*LOADER logic to extract and load data. Responsible for coding PL/SQL packages using Allaround Automations' PL/SQL Developer. Responsible for using SysADMIRAL to create, schedule and maintain jobs. Interacted extensively with other developers in a technical and business analysis mentoring role. Modeled the logical and physical design of the data warehouse with ErWIN 3.5.2. Modified the Oracle 8.1.7 schema using BMC ChangeManager. Created universes and reports using the Business Objects DSS/BI query tool.

Software Architect / Design DBA
Wizmo Inc.
As architect, designed a three tier web Application Service Provider (ASP) framework. This framework provides the infrastructure to enable the provision of hosted applications to the user's web desktop. The core technology approach was compliant with Sun's J2EE (EJB) framework as specified in Sun's Enterprise Blueprint. Several hosted services, such as email and document sharing were designed. Architecture diagrams were produced in Rational Rose 2000 and Visio. Several third party tools were evaluated to provide for single sign-on (Netegrity SiteMinder), billing (Infranet Portal), and user management (LDAP). As business analyst, produced a requirements document (Vision Document in Rational Unified Process {RUP} terminology) for the system. As object oriented analyst and designer produced use case diagrams and class diagrams. Produced a logical database design for a centralized data store used to co-ordinate date retrieval and transfer between multiple applications. Designed a messaging framework to move data and business events between multiple applications and the central data store. Reverse engineered a MS SQL database into Oracle.


Take the time to do it correctly the first time, but remember that perfect is the enemy of good. - Anonymous

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January 1980 - Today

C++ Programming Language, SQL, C#, Python, Java, PHP, GNU Linux - Fedora, Red Hat, postgres, Oracle.


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Computer Science, Accounting Biology, Chiropractic

1993 - 1993