Greg's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Greg

Hi, I'm Greg and I'm an airline pilot, Entrepreneur and Founder.

I'm looking for a Marketer to join our team and come on board as a Cofounder.

At the moment the team consists of myself, Philippe who is an outstanding Developer, Laura who is a freelance Marketer and Consultant and Dani who manages customer care.

We've almost completed the build on our v1.0 product, which we're hoping to put in the hands of real customers very soon. Our early response from development customers has been amazing and the general feeling is that people love what we're building. The next step is to release our product, target some early adopters, measure their response and begin to experiment with our strategy.

You Role:

You will be responsible for sales and marketing and hopefully grow to manage the entire marketing team as we scale. You will be responsible for helping us to validate our value and growth hypotheses and playing a huge part in our search for a sustainable business model. You'll help to design strategies, shape the message, oversee PR and build a first class marketing team.

My Ideal Candidate:

I'm looking for someone who can come on board full time as we scale. You don't have to start off full time but you absolutely must be looking for a full time position in a successful start up as a strategy to leaving your current position. We're building our company within the 'Lean Startup' framework so if you have an understanding of those principles it would be a great fit for our culture. You don't necessarily need to be a current manager but you do need the skills and the willingness to move into a senior management role within the core team and relish the thought of playing a critical role in the success of the company. You should have a good working knowledge of how to review metrics and make important pivot or persevere decisions.

You should already have an excellent idea of what is required to market a startup, how to find early adopter customers, adapt as you search for mainstream customers, experiment with growth ideas and accelerate the marketing as we find strategies that work. You should have a good experience with traditional marketing and knowledge of social media, blogger outreach and online marketing strategies. We've have the tools in place, you'll need to use them to maximum effect.

If you think this sounds like you - please apply! I'm very excited about meeting you!