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Greg Vendetti

Designer, Business Developer

Austin, Texas, US


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Greg

My name is Greg, I've been living in Austin for about 7 years and have been working hard on my startup for about 2 years. My 10 years experience is based in the music industry where I have earned a degree in music business studies from Loyola in New Orleans. I started a company called GV Evolutions ( where I worked with artists in business development and have been passionate in exploring the opportunity in reinventing the industry. Joint ( is my latest venture and a few pivots have lead me to this point: a self-funded prototype, validated core assumptions, basic case studies, fully designed beta version, and a pathway to scalability. While music has given Joint its start, research and feedback have expanded its versatility and applications greatly, but unfortunately, I've reached a plateau in terms of what I can do on my own. That being said, I am looking for a co-founder who can match my passion and contribute to the tech/development side of things while providing insightful expertise into how we can create a truly unique and memorable user experience. 5+ years in development (iOS, Android, Web, API) would be wonderful. Thanks very much and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Product Management
Managing People

Loyola University of New Orleans

Music Business Studies

2007 - 2007