Greg Wozniak

London, United Kingdom

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Business Development
Product Management
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About Greg

I consider myself as highly motivated, highly organised, professional and responsible engineer. I am interested in fair and creative business only. I have got wide interests and significant experience working across many countries. I am double-graduated in Computer Science; speaking English, Italian and Polish.

My areas of expertise are web development, IT management, IT operations, Internet security, software engineering, IT risk assessment and consulting. Currently, I am part of a few interesting projects but my role is limited to develop certain pieces of the applications or deliver the IT products - which is currently resolved in most of the cases.

Through the past four years, I was supporting IT processes and delivering IT solutions in the recruitment/resourcing market. During that time I was working a lot with the recruiters in various, different market areas. I've realised there might be a significant flaw, no bridge between IT specialists (not only) and recruiters.

Having the solution from which we all could benefit - all the specialists, employers and the recruiters became my idea for a start-up. What I am missing only is a brand. I am an engineer and it is quite a challenge for me to invent a suitable product name and create a top-notch content. On the other hand, I am fully capable of developing the product, hosting it on the professional hosting, invest in marketing and advertising it. I am not able to start without a brand or name the project `doesn't matter how`. :) It is simply me. If you feel the same - I am sure we can work together.


University of Bologna

Computer Science

2008 - 2008

Westpomeranian School of Business

Computer Science and Computer Engineering

2011 - 2011


CILTA (B2 Italian)