Gregory Andreev

Austin, Texas, US

Gregory's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

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About Gregory

I'm looking to join a new startup at the ground level in the areas of hardware, technology or software. I am specifically interested in Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, BitCoin, Quantum Cryptography, Infrared lasers, Plasmonic Resonance Sensors, Characterization of Surfaces, Material Science and any related topics. If you have an idea for a cool gadget, device or whatever might benefit from my skillset let's talk: gregory.andreev AT

Technical Skills:
Optics, Lasers, Spectroscopy, Microscopy, Infrared, Characterization, Plasmonics
C# .NET with a focus on hardware communication, MATLAB, LabView, Solidworks 3D CAD

Business Skills:
Lean Startup Methodology, Product Development, Technical Marketing and Sales, Intellectual Property

Industry Experience: 4+ years as a scientist and lead product developer in nanoscale optical characterization.
Instrumentation: Constructed prototypes which led to multiple commercial products. Built first UHV cryo s-SNOM.
Intellectual Property: Lead inventor on three patents in the field of sub-diffraction limited infrared microscopy.
Publications: 13 publications with over 2000 citations in journals such as Science, Nature, and Nano Letters.
Public Speaking: Presented at 15+ major scientific conferences. Led 5+ industry workshops in nanoscopy.

Work Experience

Founder, Principal Scientist

Evanescent Solutions

January 2014 - Today

Designed and constructed the first commercially available standalone interferometer for nanoReflection/s-SNOM measurements: the nR100. Enables nanoscale ellipsometry measuremnts. Designed and constructed the first commercially available TEC stabilized CO2 laser: s-CO2.

Application Scientist


October 2012 - December 2014

Solely responsible for the design and prototype of the first fully integrated commercial s-SNOM system: the Bruker Inspire. Enables nanoscale measurements of optical properties of semiconductors and polymers Coined the term SPIR – scanning probe IR. Showed fastest plasmonic interference imaging to date: under 100us/pixel. Managed the training of the world-wide sales team of over 200+ in selling the Inspire product. Generated intellectual property: 3+ patents filed related to near field optics. Created new applications: Collaborated with software and engineering teams to develop PeakForce IR: a new AFM imaging mode for simultaneous measurement of mechanical, electrical, and optical properties.

Scientist, Postdoctoral Fellow

Anasys Instruments and University of Colorado at Boulder

October 2011 - October 2012

Solely responsible for concept through prototype of the first s-SNOM system. Led to nanoIR2-S product. Developed an amplitude modulation interferometric detection scheme. Assisted in the research of several graduate students at CU Boulder. Team achieved sub 10nm spatial resolution of block co-polymer nanostructures. Published in Nature Comm.


University of California at San Diego

Ph.D. in Physics with a focus in Optics

2003 - 2011

University of Texas at Austin

BS in Physics, BS in Math

1999 - 2002