Gregory Fisher

Rowlett, Texas, US

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Business Development
Product Management
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First time founder

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About Gregory

I am looking for a Technical and Programmer Co-Founder that can help write the code for a New Social Platform/Network that doesn't mind getting into some serious HTML5 & CSS and some Database Programming as well. My Co-Founding Team, which consists of me and my cousin, are looking for a Programmer/Developer to join us as we create a Social Commerce Platform that Disrupts the Industries. We are looking for a Technical Co-Founder, who's passionate about Programming and have a "It's Time to Change the World" Mentality. This Programmer will also need to be able to design and develop a complete website from scratch from the wireframes that I have created. Must not be afraid to get their hands dirty, so to speak, and have it pay off in the look, feel and functionality of this website and in other ways as we grow into a global company! This Programmer will be responsible for the entire Tech Side of this exciting company and be able to create to their hearts content. We look to grow into other Consumer Products and Industries that will allow this Technical Co-Founder the chance to create New Consumer Products that will disrupt everything. Some HTML5, CSS and Database Exp. is necessary.

We are also seeking a Financial Co-Founder who can help us Budget our Website for Growth into a Global Competitor.


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