Gregory Hargis

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, US

Gregory's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Gregory

Callie® Solutions is a technology company committed to developing high quality, creative communication solutions for the healthcare industry. In 2012 the Founder & CEO, Gregory Hargis, was diagnosed with Leukemia. During his many visits to the hospital for treatment, Gregory was disheartened with one consistent reality - the way patients and nurses communicated simply didn't work. The means available to support patient and caregiver communication were outdated and unable to support key elements for safe patient care. Hospitals throughout the United States still use a "call-light" system, relatively unchanged since its creation decades ago. A patient can only call for help once, can't provide any specific information to help caregivers respond appropriately, and has no recourse for additional communication if there is not a timely response. Caregivers cannot make informed decisions about prioritizing and managing incoming requests which makes it difficult for them to do their jobs effectively.

As a person professionally trained in areas of communication and a practicing digital strategist, Gregory found himself devising a better way to streamline and improve patient and caregiver communication making it simpler, more efficient and safer. The revolutionary result is the Callie® Communication System - a product that elevates patient/staff communication to a new level making it