Grover Jackson

Auckland, New Zealand

CPTO solving project overruns and budget blow outs for SaaS ventures and IT projects
Grover's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Grover

Strategy-AI is a SaaS offering that extends and enhances existing product and project management platforms bringing corporate level strategy directly into the product delivery cycle.

We've completed two separate beta programs which targeted different personas and are now in the process of merging the two offerings. As we complete this process we are now in need of marketing and sales expertise with experience in the SaaS, product or IT space. The ideal person would have had some experience as a Product Owner, Product Manager or Project Manager and felt the pain of a project or release going over budget and/or being late to market.

Work Experience

Virtual Chief Product/Technology Officer

cdmdotnet Limited

June 2012 - Today

Put simply, we support SaaS ventures big and small, improving their ability to deliver customer value through technology, talent, practices and, of course products. From entrepreneurs with new ideas looking for technical and product delivery services and support, to established ventures going through seismic changes such as post fund raising high-growth, we also provide services to enterprises and corporate ventures adding new products to their portfolio that desire outside thinking and fresh perspectives technically as well as in leadership and creativity. Our mix of strategic advice and support is backed up with frontline delivery enables us to provide more than just an advisory, Virtual-CTO service, ensuring your venture is grounded in both what needs to be done today as well as what you want to do tomorrow.