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About Guido

I created a new kind of e-commerce platform, suited not to exchange and sell goods, but to offer, sell and provide services and consultancy online.
Smarthelp is an innovative saas software (SMAU 1st Prize for innovation in 2013), by which anyone can open and customize an e-shop, manage customers and sells in realt-time and deliver any kind of service using tools such as webcams, remote desktop control, chat, file exchange, telephone and so on.

Smarthelp applies to several fields such as: computer remote tech support, law and business online consultancy, remote health and medic support, fitness/music/cooking/arts/photography/motivational/nutrition/... live coaching, one-to-one live e-learning and much more.

Smarthelp acts as a "virtual delivery office", integrating features from e-commerce, CRM, helpdesk, live queue control, videoconferencing, remote desktop control, with a simple 6-step working cycle:
1) The customer chooses a service or an operator within the customizable marketplace
2) An operator catches the request from the live queue manager
3) Operator and customer negotiate and confirm the right service and price
4) The operator "does the job" using videoconferencing, remote desktop control, desktop sharing, chat, telephone, files exchange, etc.
5) The operator confirms or rolls-back the purchase
6) The client leaves his feedback and comment on the experience

Smarthelp is the result of 3 years of development, reached now the first beta version and just started it's delivery to a close set of clients, who are implementing their specific solution.
The current team work is phasing out for personal reasons and I am searching for a strong experienced software engineer and developer, extremely expert in PHP, javascript, MySQL, possibly in PHP-based frameworks such as Zend, Simphony, ..etc., senior in designing and software engineering.

Market potential and opportunities are very interesting and, as of now, competition is still very low worldwide, and the chance for a senior webdeveloper/achitect is to MAKE innovation for real.