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London, United Kingdom
Startup stage
Financial Modeling, Fashion, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Insemination, Speech Coding, Secure Coding, RTL Coding, Physician Coding, Network Coding, Medical Coding, Hand Coding, Geo-coding, Document Coding, Data Coding, Creative Coding, CPT Coding, Channel Coding, Bohemian Coding, Coding Theory, Coding Standards, Coding Practices, Coding Languages, Coding Experience, VPython, Jython, Mod_python, Python Software Foundation, Python Script, Python 2.5, Python, Software Coding, Software Certification, Software Business, Software Build, Software Audits, Software Auditing, Software Assurance, Software Asset Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), Software as a Service, Software Architecture, Software Architectural Design, Software Analysis, Software Agents, Software Administration, Software Acquisition, Software 2000, Software + Services, Software & Hardware Training, Software, Behavioral Finance, Banner Finance, Automotive Finance, Asset Finance, Aircraft Finance, Finances, Finance/Banking, Finance Transformation, Finance System Implementation, Finance Sector, Finance One, Finance Operations, Finance Law, Finance Function Transformation, Finance Function Effectiveness, Finance Domain, Finance Consulting, Finance and Accounting, Finance + Accounting, Finance, Aboriginal Law, Lawson HRIS, Lawson General Ledger, Lawson 4GL, Lawn Care, Lawn Mowing, Law of Contract, Lawful Interception, Law Reform, Law of Attraction, Law Firms, Law of Armed Conflict, Law Librarianship, Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Administration, Law Enforcement Operations, Law Enforcement Intelligence, Law Enforcement Instruction, Law Enforcement, LAW 5.0, Cleaning Validation, Cleaning Products, Cleaning, Cleaners, Cleaner XL, Cleaner Production, Clean Up, Cleaner, Clean Technology, Clean Tech, Clean Rooms, Clean Outs, Clean Room Design, Clean Code, Clean Language, Clean Design, Clean Air Act, Clean Coal, Clean Energy Technologies, Clean, Change Management, Capital Markets, CAD Illustration, Business Strategy, Animation, Business Process, Business Planning, Business Networking, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, Building Strong Relationships, Branding & Identity, Art Direction, Analysis, Analytics, After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite, Advertising, Account Management, Accessibility
i currently toilet cleaner in shop in london, but i looking for co founder for great idea i have which is: where people to post old things they have and other people bid on them and winner of bid get item. please contact me for great opportunity i have no monei but i can offer nothing but my very sensible advice and i think we can build great new company together maybe one day as big as google. You need to be technical person and website builder please.

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