Gundeep Singh

New Delhi, India

Once a startup founder. Techie. Looking for startup opportunities in deep learning.
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IOS Development
Full Stack
Deep Learning
Product Management
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Founded 1 startup

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About Gundeep

I'm Gundeep. I'm a 2013 computer science graduate from Delhi College of Engineering.

I worked on my mobile app startup 'koleshop' last year which failed because it was a perfect wrong product. (Perfect = Excess time spent, Wrong Product = Low Feedback)
Now that I've paid my debts and some savings, I'm back to building some fast growing business.
I'm a starter in machine learning and currently exploring speech recognition in regional languages and studying more deep learning online.

I'm interested for any ideas and opportunities as long as its scalable, fast growing and does not involve logistics. I would prefer a B2C.

Best way to reach me is by sms: 8585945716 or email