Gunter Cespedes

San José, Costa Rica

CIT Founder
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About Gunter

Information systems engineer and business administrator with extensive experience in the financial sector banking services in Costa Rica, EEUU, Bahamas and Panama.

I am passionate about technology, the development of mobile applications provide new horizons. The 3d design, development and animation have always amazed me, so for the last 4 years I have studied the essence for the development of video games. Another issue that I am passionate about are gambling applications, I have a goal for the development of a gambling application which I will be developing in the medium term.


"I have been rich and I have been broke and rich is better." - Gordon Miller

Work Experience



January 2006 - January 2019

I have worked as systems management in information systems development projects, project management. I have participated in all levels of informatics projects, from software architecture, developer, project management, application development, video game development, application development for IO's and Android operating systems. GrupoCIT has a subsidiary in the Republic of Panama with which corporate services have been provided to financial entities. The sites and show in more detail the services I have provided.



Information systems engineer

2002 - 2005


Business administrator

2008 - 2012