Gustavo Melo

Toronto, Canada

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About Gustavo

I've spent the last several years building and leading great products, starting with an interest in design and user experience and a developer skillset, and transitioning to product management with a dash of sales and marketing over the past five years. I'm passionate about a few different things, and they're not all necessarily related:

- Information security for consumers (raising the level of communication security and privacy for the average Jane and Joe),
- Civic participation (if your only real community involvement is a vote every four years, then your cynical friends are right - your vote really doesn't count),
- Augmented reality (the ways we overlay digital information overtop the real world today is rudimentary at best. There's a lot more that can and should change for the better about our day-to-day rituals and tasks)
- Lifestyle management (we have more choices than ever today in every facet of our lifestyle, from fitness and health to entertainment, education and career. How do we make sense of all that and simplify our choices in the face of overwhelming options)
- Higher education is broken. I see no relationship between the content of a university curriculum and someone's likelihood of success in 90% of career paths. The only relationship left between university and professional success is that certain types of people tend to flock to certain types of schools. It's not a complex equation and when reduced down to its essentials, the content isn't playing a very important role in people's lives. Let's figure out how to transfer knowledge and skillset, and fuel newfound passions for a new generation.

Startups are one of the most exciting ways to spend time and energy, but they're not very rewarding until you've found or built a great team that you genuinely enjoy working with day in and day out. I am looking for that team.