Guy Morag

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Guy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Guy

Hey everyone!

My name is Guy. I'm 25 years young (I've been feeling quite old lately, though...) and I'm an undergraduate student at Brandeis University. I was in the Israeli Air Force for 4 years, one of which was spent in pilot's course and the rest of which were spent as an officer in ballistic missile defense.

I have a lot of experience in project and product management from the Air Force, and also from work that I am currently doing. I am looking for a hard working co founder with a strong tech background. Someone who is very good with databases and building websites is an ideal candidate. Anyone with military experience as well is an even better candidate.

My startup seeks to disrupt the traditional ways of collaboration among all constituents of the music industry! It is an exciting project! If you have no interest in music or the music industry we probably won't be a good team.

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!