Guy Weinberg

Business Development, Product Management, Marketing

Demarest, New Jersey, US


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About Guy

I founded my own company HeadSense Medical six years ago, and since then I managed it, raised money for it, built its products, hired people to work for it, and started to sell its product.

After 15 years in life-sciense I am fed up with this market and I am looking to co-found a start-up.

Before HeadSense I spend more then a decade in the life-sciense industry, in healthcare IT and medical device companies, working as a product manager, sales and marketing, and biz-dev. Before I joined the medical world, I worked in an e-Commerce company during the good old dot-com bubble days.

I am looking for a developer from the New York area who will co-found with me a platform for self driving cars. I have a solid idea, and the right experience on how to build a company, develop a product, and raise money.

If you are a gifted developer, and you are looking to co-found a company with a great idea, together with a co-founder that knows how to build a company and a product, contact me.


If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moment. - Admiral William H. McRaven

Work Experience

CEO and co-founder

HeadSense Medical

April 2011 - January 0


The college of management


1997 - 2002