Gyan Patra

Katy, Texas, US

Gyan's Skills
Product Management

About Gyan

I am the founder architect of RxNetwork, an innovative consumer facing medication managemnet platform leveraging location based features to drive adherence providing other value added services to increase traffic for retail pharmacy while increasing drug adherence. This is a $300 billion dollar industry with lot of fragmented solutions. I have 16 years of technology experience in varipus product development roles in the hands on technology fields involving big data to distributed, high transaction based application.

Making a successful startup from ground up needs lot of dedication where calculated hours really doesn't matter rather the productivity and ultimate results do count. At the end of he day success is yours so as the failure. But on the otherside, making calculated risk with enough due diligence, impossible can be made possible.

I am looking at the individual who does challenge the status quo, brings in creative thinking in making things possible quicker. Lead by example and drive results with effort.

I do strongly believe that hard work does pay off.