Hadi Kundi

Helsinki, Finland

Doctor Tech, Full Stack Developer, Software Architect, Interested in mobility, health and robotics
Hadi's Skills
Business Model Development
Software Testing
Cloud Services
Artificial Intelligence
Software Business
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software Architectural Design
User Experience

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Hadi

I am writing software since my high school days. I started with DBase, Foxpro and C++ and fell in love with programming or software engineering in general. I highly value a good architecture and well organized readable, efficient and modifiable code. I am a big fan of UML but also understand its shortcomings. Furthermore, I value the use of established design patterns, MVC or any other. I have worked in the industry and academia, therefore, I have a full spectrum of skills to handle not only software development but also R&D tasks, too. I am always enthusiastic towards improving the quality of a product through its UI, code, and of course the architecture. And a good product comes out with a positive can-do attitude, and professional cooperation within the team, management and other stakeholders.


If you know a better way to do things, do it yourself! - (common sense)

Work Experience

Software Developer/Architect/Full Stack Developer/Researcher

Many organizations

January 2006 - Today

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Tampere University of Technology

Doctor of Technology/Ph.D.

2009 - 2014