Hadi Winata Ho

Christchurch, New Zealand

Hadi Winata's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Hadi Winata

I have a total of 14 years’ experience with the electronics industry. My experience include:
1. HDL programming (VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog)
2. System installation, testing & commissioning
3. Failure analysis dealing with wafer and IC

I am planning on building a wireless smart sensor (low power, long range , affordable cost) to enable precision agriculture to have an internet of thing (IoT) platform for optimization and prediction. I have drafted my business plan. Please contact me to browse my business plan or I can explain it over coffee.

I am looking for:
1. Business Developer
2. Hardware Engineer

Following is the characteristic that they must have.

Business Developer:
1. Building customer base within Canterbury
2. Must be persistent yet not aggressive in approaching customer. Most customer love to listen to big idea and business developer must be patient to follow?up with customer
3. Must be able to find out customer unmet need (problem) and how our product can help
4. Must know how to present to customer so that they can have increase productivity
5. Must provide constant feedback on customer satisfaction and the improvement of our product
6. Must be able to create an easy to read guide (such as pamphlet or brochure) to interest customer or to leave them to read at a convenient time
7. Must familiarise with the basic workflow of internet of things (IoT) so that customer know what they are investing
8. Must be able to report the daily or weekly activities promptly
9. Business developer can work with customer to do a trail run of our product within customer premise
10. Business developer need to proactively connect team member with customer to ensure customer get maximal support

Hardware Engineer:
1. Development of wireless smart sensor prototype that can be presented to customer
2. Skilful enough to use open source software to build PCB prototype
3. Must be willing to listen to feedback from customer and change hardware accordingly
4. Must be experience in crossing parts to achieve balance in cost and quality
5. Must be familiar with the embedded environment
6. Familiar with interfacing sensor to MCU and to connectivity chip
Understanding of RF is an added bonus


National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Technology (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

2009 - 2009