Hafeez Shahiwala

Kogarah, Australia

Product developer of Peacemaker - a noise cancelling system for rooms in noisy environments
Hafeez's Skills
Business Development

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Founded 1 startup

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About Hafeez

I am an commercial finance and strategy professional with a deep love for entrepreneurship, technology and money making.

I help businesses with goto market strategy and commercial analysis. My key skills are in identifying ways to to convert ideas into money making machines and raise funds.

I have held roles in strategy, fund raising and venture capital.

I am currently working to develop a Active Noise Cancelling system that makes rooms located in a noisy environment, quieter. I've had some positive interest from potential investors but I want to create a MVP.

I am located in Sydney, Australia and keen to connect with DSP experts and electronic engineers who understand noise and audio signals for a potential partnership around the world.

The one thing we can takeway from COVID-19, is that we can work with teams across the world.

Check out my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my work history and background.