Haiden Goggin

Providence, Rhode Island, US

Haiden's Skills
Product Management

About Haiden

CEO / CCO of Metaväp, a premium vaporizer startup devoted to developing the first all encompassing medicinal device that caters to the patient's needs. This device is called VUE (Vaporization User Experience). I manage the day to day operations as well as keeping the business and creative aspects of Metaväp in absolute harmony to ensure the growth and success of the company. My past work includes multiple design positions for companies such as Hasbro, Motiv Design and Tellart, all located in New England. These positions include various work for clients like the UAE’s Prime Ministers Office, The Economic Development Board of Singapore, Google and Keurig. Metaväp is searching for the ideal engineering candidate to join our team. Primarily skilled in electrical engineering but should have a thorough background in mechanical engineering as well, preferably in DFM. Ability to rapid prototype, breadboard, iterate and fail fast are attributes we are looking for. Experience in manufacturing is ideal but not required. A general passion for the medicinal herbal movement is also highly appreciated, but not needed. Although, we would want you to share our vision. The vision that a device need not interfere with patient’s delivery of medicine, but instead make it seamless and intuitive. Please reach out if you feel we have a similar path. Thank you.