Haik Hairapetyan

Toronto, Canada

Looking for a sales oriented co-founder in in-store analytics
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Founded 2+ startups

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About Haik

I have 15+ years business experience and a strong background in mathematics.

I lead a team of experienced professionals that create a SaaS solution for in-store analytics. The solution enables retailers to collect anonymous data about customers' movement in the stores. It helps them to optimize stores' layouts, improve customer experience and increase the revenue. Our solution is linked to Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Business Analytics. The target customers are grocery retailers operating in supermarket format, and the target markets are the US and Canada.

We successfully built an MVP and conducting a pilot project
The advantages of our solution are differenciated technology and easy installation.

We are looking for a co-founder who is a
-b2b sales and marketing specialist with domain knowledge and a network,
-effective negotiator,
-strategic decision maker

My business vision
Doing a business is dealing with uncertainty. Uncertainty is usually associated with high risks; however, it also contains big opportunities. Running a successful business is finding the opportunities that are linked with calculated and justified risks.
A startup business is a dealing with day-to-day problems. No matter how big or small the problems are, the business should find a solution for them. Finding a solution means finding a complete and an on time solution which can be efficiently implemented. And, it should not be just a solution; it should be the best solution.


To become a billionaire, you need luck, knowledge, a great capacity to work and the main thing - the mentality of a billionaire. - John Paul Getty


Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia

PhD, Mathematics

1998 - 2002

York University, Toronto, Canada

Bridging Program for Business professionals

2015 - 2017