Hamid Asadi

Toronto, Canada

CEO of maktub.app , raised 7 figures capital before, looking for Marketing and Biz Dev team members.
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About Hamid

I'm Co-founder and BOD member (CEO before) of Navaar the biggest Farsi audiobook service in the world, Navaar has 1.7M listeners and 300k paying customers with 60 employees and the highest rate of the audiobook production in the MENA region. Navaar has raised about $2M in the Seed round and is in the midst of it's Series A.
Navaar days are over and now with the help of my new Co Founders we started a new Multi-language audiobook and podcast service in Canada called Maktub.app which in the 18 months will contain Persian, Vietnamese and etc.
On the long run we will always focus on the untapped markets of the spoken word entertainment throughout the world (not English,Spanish and French) our Target Market will eventually be billions of people.


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