Hammad Khan

Karachi, Pakistan

Supply Chain, procurement & logistics enthusiast, entrepreneur in the making, an idea powerhouse.
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When I started thinking that I can do anything, I started doing everything. - Hammad Khan

Work Experience

Regional Logistics Officer

United Nations World Health Organization

December 2015 - Today

● Perform logistics and procurement activities in timely and efficient manner, to support staff in the acquisition of goods and services for efficient operations. ● Review, record and prioritize purchasing requests, ensuring all supporting documentation is received, and funding is available, in order to enable the procurement of goods and services. ● Update, manage and maintain records to ensure the information is accurate, organized and available for others to access, and supports reporting requirements. ● Prepare and process tender documents, invite bids from open market, prepare comparative statements and ensure financial accountability in all project related procurement, subcontracts and outsourcing. ● Prepare/Create initial purchase orders and contracts for review by the supervisor. ● Verify claims for accuracy and conformance with procurement rules and regulations. ● Assign duties/ work assignments to the drivers as per office requirements and supervise the work, workload, and work performance of drivers. ● Control and verify the overtime claims of drivers based on office requirements. ● Ensure periodic maintenance schedule of each vehicle and ensure fleet is in excellent running condition and monitor fuel consumption of each vehicle for accuracy and coordinate payment processing. ● Carry out cost-benefit analysis for the procurement of spare parts and quality maintenance services for the vehicles and check log books, bills/invoices related to repair /maintenance. ● Coordinate with Programme Sections and Rent a Car companies for provision of rental vehicles for field missions or city duties. ● Supervise contract for Rent a Car Companies and evaluate their performances. Coordinate settlement of invoices with Business Transaction Centers and reconcile payments. ● Manage and maintain paper and electronic records within the area of responsibility in accordance with established procedures, to ensure swift and easy data access as required.

Admin Officer

CMPak Pvt Ltd (Zong)

June 2013 - December 2015

● Administration ● Fleet Management ● Vendor Management ● Local and General Procurement ● Safety and Security ● Housekeeping ● Hotel and Accommodation

Logistics Officer (Shipping & Warehousing)

Global Ship Services International

July 2012 - January 2014

● Handle and prepare all import and export, commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, application of Certificate of Origin, customs declaration and related documents. ● Arrange shipment with sea & air forwarders. Oversee the operations of flow of goods, including management of shipping, warehouse, inventory, transportation, and custom declaration administration. ● Review internal process, develop and implement logistics strategies and process improvement solution. Liaise with logistics suppliers to ensure the operation is efficient and cost effective. ● Arrange container repositioning at port. Prepare monthly cost estimates and performance reports. ● Gather information on potential transport delays/port congestion and share this information with the necessary/concerned offices. ● Ensure that relevant staff is properly briefed on the Standard Port Operation procedures and responsibilities of company's Vessels/Superintendents and Forwarding Agents with clear understanding on the points where risk is transferred. ● Assure a proper loading/unloading operations and a correct storage of the cargo on trucks/railroad wagons and storage in the warehouses. ● Perform any other related duties, if required or assigned by immediate Supervisor.

Business Development Manager - Supply Chain & ERP

Cephic Inc.

January 2012 - June 2012

● Assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, generating leads for possible sales, follow-up sales activity, formal proposal writing and business model design. ● Researching new business opportunities, identifying likely sales points, developing strategic plans and sales strategies, and undertaking presentations to and negotiations with prospective customers. ● Conducting extensive market research prior to starting up the business and continue gathering information throughout the life of the business and preparing detailed business plans. ● Attending workshops, trade shows, and seminars to keep up-to-date on changes in the industry. ● Developing situation analysis including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to assist in the development of a strategic plan for the future of the business. ● Implementation of new ideas, using skills and applying them to the business in the best way possible.

Logistics Assistant

United Nations World Food Programme

January 2011 - December 2011

● Post daily dispatches of WFP food and non-food commodities in the corporate system monitor the correct use and quantity as per loading orders. ● Respond to queries regarding commodities staff in the unit and elsewhere in the Programme. ● Monitor ongoing shipments, pipeline information, insurance claims and other data. ● Provide day-to-day reports on the progress and movements of WFP shipments (by land, sea, or air). ● Monitor and report on WFP food stocks in operation's warehouses and prepare weekly stock reports. ● Assist and advise on flight planning, weather forecast and restricted flying areas, or railroad schedules and movements, or ship movements and schedules. ● Coordinate and manage deliveries by suppliers, clearing agents and WFP warehouses; monitor and assess quality, quantity and safety of the goods. ● Coordinate clearance of WFP, export/import in liaison with handlers and customs officials. ● Establish contacts with shipping agents, clearing agents and superintendents and monitor the discharge of WFP vessels (rail, air or sea), advising supervisors of need for intervention in case of any unforeseen problems pertaining to discharge and/or clearing operations. ● Entertaining and responding to the queries about commodities and warehouse maintenance of CPs and Reporting to Logistics Officer of current situations as and when happens. ● Performing inspections of CPs warehouses, taking necessary action and providing guidance and assistance to the staff at the warehouse to maintain WFP minimum SOPs in the warehouse. ● Providing necessary training to warehouse staff of CPs to improve their performance and making sure they understand WFP warehouse SOPs. ● Performing duties as a focal person for admin, finance and procurement at duty station. ● Maintain quality of commodities in CPs warehouses and providing every necessary logistics assistance to CPs in lower Sindh during flood EMOP.

Manager Procurement & Port Operations

Global Ship Services International

April 2004 - June 2010

● Managing and coordinating sales and purchase operation strategies and activities. ● Corresponding with vessels’ crew/captain, principals and/or superintendents of relative vessels to acquire updates and maximum (necessary) information and/or coordinating with agents to ensure smooth delivery. ● Reviewing, analyzing and preparing reports, records, and directives, and conferring with managers/supervisors to obtain data required for planning activities, such as new commitments, status of work in progress, and problems encountered. Reporting operating activities to GM and CEO. ● Assigning and delegating responsibility for specified work or functional activities and disseminating policies and objectives to supervisors/staff. ● Giving work directions, resolving problems, preparing schedules and setting deadlines to ensure timely completion of work and organizing resources to ensure effective production of services. ● Ensuring adequate training of staff and employee compliance to organization's policies and practices. ● Preparing reports and records on department activities for management. ● Responsible in hiring, recruiting, promoting, discharging, evaluating and/or transfer employees. ● Preparing purchase orders or bid requests and reviewing bid proposals and negotiating contracts within budgetary limitations and scope of authority and reducing factory overheads to the minimum. ● Maintaining manual or computerized procurement records, such as items or services purchased, costs, delivery, product quality or performance, and inventories. ● Discussing defective or unacceptable goods or services with inspection or quality control personnel, users, vendors, and others to determine source of trouble and take corrective action. ● Coordinating activities involved with procuring goods and services, such as raw materials, equipment, tools, parts and supplies. ● Conferring with vendors to obtain product or service information, such as price, availability and delivery schedule. ● Estimating values according to knowledge of market price. Determining method of procurement, such as direct purchase or bid.


University of Karachi

Bachelors of Commerce

2006 - 2009